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About us

In the midst of a global pandemic, Bark4Compassion, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is born. We are channeling the frustrations and sadness the pandemic has caused in the world and trying our best to save the lives of animals in need.  


Founded in 2020 by Eduard Seitan and Debbie Li, Bark4Compassion is an organization that provides freedom flights to animals who are seeking medical care, foster and forever homes. It is also a movement to inspire others to join to give the voiceless a voice. 


Eduard is one of the founding partners at One Off Hospitality, a restaurant group in Chicago, with a passion for flying. He has been a recreational pilot since 2007, however, he found his true purpose after flying his first freedom flight for PilotsNPaws in 2018. 


Debbie is a resident physician in Chicago who is passionate about helping those in need. She wants to share the joy of flying and rescuing animals through this movement.

The mission is also joined by their two rescue dogs- Lola and Tigger. 

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