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We love hearing from our freedom pups


Two years ago, my wife and I entertained the idea of adding another boxer to the family. We had a one year old boxer who needed a companion. We contacted Boxers Lovers Rescue in Idaho and they recommended Phoebe. They told us how sweet and gentle she was and that they were confident she would be a great match for us and especially my wife who is blind and disabled. We made the trip across the state to Pocatello, Idaho where phoebe was with a foster family. We fell in love instantly.


She is probably the most gentle and affectionate boxer we have had. She has brought so much joy to our lives and is a great companion for us and her boxer brother, Baxter. I am amazed at how gentle and loving she is with my wife. None of this would have been possible without the kind heart of Eduard Seitan. He has the giving spirit to do what he ca for animals with an unsure future. His compassion prompted him to donate his time and his airplane to see that Pheobe was given a chance at life. We give our heartfelt thansk to Eduard and his loving heart for the wonderful work he is doing. 

Bill & Gini S. 

Pheobe's forever parents

Casper (Sugar at the time we met him) escaped the Korean dog-meat trade with the help of a network of volunteers. And through another network of Pilots N Paws volunteers, he was brought to MN by pilot Eduard Seitan and Debbie Li. 

But for us, Casper's story started when we were looking to add a third dog to our family. We went to Northwoods Humane Society in Wyoming, MN, with the intention of meeting a border collie we were considering to adopt. We hung out with that dog for a little while, we went for a walk but... there just wasn't a connection.  Then we saw Casper. After we took him for a walk, we introduced him to our chihuahuas. Another dog being walked next to us started barking and growling at our chihuahua baby girl and Casper got in between the two to protect her and that's when we knew we had to keep him! We picked him up the next day and brought him home, North of Minneapolis.  


At first, he wouldn't let anybody touch him: he wasn't a cuddler, he just wanted to be by himself. But over the past year and a half, he's grown so much protecting the family, especially his mom Kathy, and his brothers and sister - now we have two Korean jindo rescues. He enjoys the dog park, running and family walks. He also loves to pretend he is a big Squirrel Hunter.  

Mike, Kathy and the rest of the pack

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