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Abused. Neglected. Abandoned. Dumped.

I know this is a bit of a downer, but I need help: How do YOU deal with loss? With injustice? With seeing animals reach their "end of the rope" and having to be euthanized? With "voiceless" animals having to be put down because they develop behavior issues for being in the shelter for so long? How does one shoot their own dog 17 times? How does one tie up their dog to a pole and leave her for dead before a hurricane? How does one use a dog (possibly his) as fireworks target practice? How does a family abandon their "pet" of 8 years because they are moving? How?

For the past two+ years since we started volunteering for PNP and CACC, we have seen the scars, both physical and psychological, of immense cruelty against animals that will last us for the rest of my life. Cruelty that cannot be unseen. And it does not stop. It will keep happening. How does it change? What can we do to change how some so-called humans treat animals? How do we fight someone like Michael Vick, who killed so, so many dogs? And, if you plan on giving me the "but he saw the light" or "he is reformed" or anything on those lines, please spare me. If you have it in you to commit the atrocities Mr. Vick was witnessed committing, you are a monster. You do not change. I was only able to read ONE paragraph of Jim Gorant's "The Lost Dogs" and, like I said before, I cannot unsee it...


So... How do we fight this battle?

Any ideas will be enormously appreciated.



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