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It Really Takes A Village!

*Forever home needed*

Columbia was on death row at the Kansas Animal Shelter in Wichita. With one day to go until euthanasia, Marie posted a cry for help. Pam at WoofPack in Chicago was fast on her feet and "tagged" her so we could go get her. I would have loved to use the old Cherokee if I had to but, man, that would have been a loooong flight ✈️. Fortunately, Captain Lionel didn't hesitate to offer his help. With his buddy Johnny's amazing Twin Cessna 340, we flew to Wichita to save Columbia from the lethal injection 💉.

The flight was so much faster and comfortable than in the Cherokee! Kasey pulled her out of the shelter to give her a warm bed overnight and decompress. Joni drove her to the airport to meet us and make sure she was in good hands. The second I saw Columbia, my heart melted. Columbia was very shy and quiet but oh so pretty in her Christmas sweater. She let us pet her and gave lots of kisses 👅. Columbia did AMAZING on the flight home, just resting in the Cessna. Captain Lionel kept making sure she was comfortable. Finally after 6 hours of traveling, we brought Columbia to her generous foster, Bryan, who she's been with for three weeks now and goes by the name Kiki.

But the time has come for Kiki to find her forever home. She's still shy, but slowly coming out of her shell. Even though she has been abused and dumped after giving birth, she still has so much love to give. She needs someone who is patient and experienced, ideally with a back yard. Her happy place is the dog park :)

Let's find this beautiful girl a home 🏠!

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